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We Want More Revenue Per Patient

Do you offer high-profit services you want folks to know about? We’ll spread the word so you can maximize each patient relationship while remaining HIPAA compliant.

Make it Known We’re the Best in Town

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Website Services

With helpful content patients want and even custom video about your services, your site will be informational and polished. Plus, Google loves well-structured websites with fresh, relevant content and lots of inbound links!

Local Search

When potential patients in your area search for the services you offer, they’ll find you on page 1 of Google My Business search results and your practice tagged on Google Maps.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When SEO is done right, you can dominate the search engines for the services you want to feature.

Social Media Advertising

Target ads for your practice speciality on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other popular social networks to increase awareness, generate leads, and keep your phone ringing.

Listings Management

Are your local listings current and consistent for the services you offer? We’ll update the ones you have (Yelp, Yellow Pages...) and add you to new and important listings you may have missed.

Reputation Management

Online ratings are everything to a growing practice—the more you have, the more likely people will choose your practice when searching. We’ll help you request Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews from current patients and can display the best ones on your website.


Ever visit a website and then see an ad for that brand on another website or on social media? We can show your ads to your website visitors on websites they visit later so you stay top of mind.


Let’s take your online advertising to a whole new planet using automated tools to serve your ads on third-party websites based on each user’s preferences, web surfing history, and online profile.

Tell Our Story

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Video is a powerful way to educate and reassure patients about that procedure they’ve been putting off or service they’re contemplating.

Social Media Management

Share the ‘people’ side of your practice with current patients and the community. If you don’t have time or aren’t sure what to post, we can help!


Drive traffic to your website by providing helpful content on the topics your ideal patients are searching for. No time to blog? No problem—we do!